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Kingdom Builders

School of Ministry

We invite you to be a part of our Kingdom Builders School of Ministry.  We currently have YEAR ONE available on DVD for purchase.  To order the classes individually or by the whole year, please contact us at  The class DVD's are $20 per class or you can order the whole year (12 classes) for $200.00. 
You can choose between receiving a Certificate of Completion or a Certificate of Ministerial Studies.  Here is what you have to do to receive the certificates:
For a Certificate of Completion just watch all 12 classes (four hours for each class).
For a Certificate of Ministerial Studies watch all 12 classes, read the book listed with each class and turn in a one page book report on what you thought of the book and how it ministered to you.  Each report should be no bigger than 14 font, double spaces and a one inch margin on all sides.  Those reports would be emailed to
Please find below the sessions offered in each class as well the instructor for each class.  

Rev. Timothy Groves

CLASS #1  -  TOPIC:  Spiritual Warfare


Why do Christians in the church attack the pastor or leaders and try to cause division?  The answer lies with the influence of the Jezebel and Antichrist spirit.  In this teaching we’ll look at 4 demonic spirits that are having too much influence on believers.  We’ll expose the plan of these evil forces and how to be free from their influence.  Rev. Timothy Groves is the president/founder of Time 2 Move Ministries.  This international evangelist has been serving the Body of Christ since 1990 and has witnessed numerous souls saved, lives changed and bodies healed.  He also serves as the bishop of Kingdom Builders Network. For more info, visit:


BOOK TO READ:  Pulling Down Strongholds by Derek Prince.


Rev. Bobby Frost

CLASS #2  -  TOPIC:  Spirit Empowered Living


Jesus lived His life dependent on the power of the Holy Spirit.  Jesus was empowered to walk in miracles, heal the sick, deliver captives and raise the dead.  As the people of God we need to learn how to depend on the Holy Spirit as well and expect Him to move through our lives.  We don’t have to be afraid of God’s power working through us.  Rev. Bobby Frost is an author, an evangelist and an associate pastor at Faith Christian Center in Limerick, Maine.  His born-again experience included being instantly delivered from drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.  Healing and deliverance follows his ministry.  For more, go to


BOOK TO READ:  When You See the Invisible You Can Do the Impossible by Oral Roberts.

Rev. Bobby Frost


Rev. Lois Flewelling

CLASS #3  -  TOPIC:  Healing & Deliverance


Healing was central to the ministry of Jesus, yet many are unhealthy and sick.  God’s ultimate goal is not just physical healing, but also the provision for healing that results in a healthy spirit, soul and body.  The Word we read needs to become the Word we live.  No matter the cause of sickness, Jesus is the Healer.  Mindsets will be changed through this powerful teaching.  Rev. Lois Flewelling is an anointed teacher, author, conference speaker and deliverance minister.  She is the founder/president of Empowering Life Center and pastor of The Gathering.  She operates in the prophetic and desires to empower individuals into their destiny.  Discover more by visiting


BOOK TO READ:  The Power to Heal by Joan Hunter.


Dr. John Burpee

CLASS #4 - TOPIC:  Living in the Kingdom of God


Jesus taught us to pray, “Thy kingdom come.  Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”  Many Christians today fail to realize we’re living in a kingdom and we must learn how to live in this kingdom to see it fully manifest in our life.  In this session we’ll cover: Information, Revelation and Transformation; Different Realms; Anointing and Glory; Declaration and Demonstration and the Manifest Presence.  Dr. John Burpee is the president/founder of Destiny Churches & Ministries International.  He moves comfortably in the supernatural without flash or hype and confidently connects to God’s power with signs, wonders and miracles.  The fruit of his ministry is evident.  To learn more, visit


BOOK TO READ: Spiritual Slavery to Sonship by Jack & Tricia Frost OR Rediscovering the Kingdom by Myles Munroe.


CLASS #5  -  TOPIC:  Realms of the Five Fold Ministry


God has a kingdom and Jesus taught clearly on it.  It is the very vehicle in which He is able to reveal His will, work and way of demonstrating heaven on earth.  Every kingdom is made up of realms.  In this teaching we’ll be using the word “realms” to describe and teach the 5 fold interactions. In the 5 fold there are offices, giftings and spheres of influence.  Get ready for things to connect.  Rev. Matt Carpenter is the CEO/Founder of In His Image Ministries and the senior pastor of Agape Christian Fellowship. He flows in a fatherly/apostolic anointing and does consulting for other pastors.  For more info, visit


BOOK TO READ:  The Church in the New Testament by Kevin J. Conner.

Rev. Matt Carpenter


Pastor Scott Verrill

CLASS #6 - TOPIC:  Bible Survey & Overview 


The Bible is one of the most important aspects of the believer’s life, yet many struggle to understand it or take time to truly receive what it has to impart.  In this session we will do a quick review of the 66 books that make up the Bible.  We will look at the various authors, who was it written to and why.  You will discover fascinating truths from this course that will help you be able to rightly divide the word of truth.  Pastor Scott Verrill is the pastor of Victory Christian Church in Livermore, Maine.  He has been in active ministry since 1986 from worship pastor to associate pastor to senior pastor.  To learn more, visit them on FaceBook at victory4me (titled Victory Christian Church). 


BOOKS TO READ:  Know Your Bible: All 66 Books Explained & Applied by Paul Kent as well as How To Study the Bible by Robert West


Rev. Darren Farmer

CLASS #7  -  TOPIC:  Prayer from a Kingdom Perspective

When ordinary people pray the extraordinary happens.  Many have been taught to pray the Lord’s prayer as an invitation to pray with God.  At the mention of “Our Father”, His arms are flung wide as He welcomes us to come boldly into His presence.  We are repositioned and changed from slaves to sons and daughters.  This session will change your prayer life.  Rev. Darren Farmer is a native of England but has been involved in ministry in the States for several years.  He is the pastor of Deeper Worship Center in Portland, Maine.  He is an anointed and gifted prophetic voice to our region, as well as an author of several books.  To learn more visit


BOOK TO READ:  That None Should Perish by Ed Silvoso.


Rev. Jamie Dickson

CLASS #8 - TOPIC:  Holy Spirit - Person, Fruit & Gifts 


The Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, the indwelling, manifest, expression of God Himself dwelling within the born again believer.  What a glorious inheritance of the resurrection we have received!  In this class we are going to explore the person of the Holy Spirit, fellowship with the Holy Spirit, the process of maturing into the fullness of the Spirit in our lives, and partnering with the Holy Spirit for demonstration of power.  Your faith will be expanded, your expectations will be recalibrated, and revelation will unlock the full potential of the Holy Spirit's work in and through your life!  Rev. Jamie Dickson is the pastor of Kingdom Life Church in Oakland, Maine.  Ministry began for Jamie at the age of 18 as he "accidentally" planted his first church as a senior in high school after 100 teenagers gave their hearts to Jesus in a three month time period.  Fifteen years later and KLC is a multi-generational church community that operates under the covering of Bethel Church in Redding, California.


BOOK TO READ:  Gifts and Ministries of the Holy Spirit by Lester Summerall.


Rev. Linda Eckhardt

CLASS #9  -  TOPIC:  Honor & Healthy Relationships


Healthy relationships are of vital importance.  Many people are having issues with their relationships, whether it be marriage, family, or even in the church.  We must learn to show honor to people as well as clearly communicate and maintain healthy relationships.  In this session we will look at dating, marriage, parenting,  pastoral leadership and relationships with the lost.  Rev. Linda Eckhardt is a graduate of Rhema BTC.  She is a wife, mother and grandmother whose message is intimacy with the Lord.  Her straight forward delivery combined with a powerful anointing leaves a lasting mark on those who hear her speak.  For more, go to


BOOK TO READ:  Honors Reward by John Bevere.

DSC_0045 copy.jpg

Dr. Frank Hansen

CLASS #10 - TOPIC:  Leadership and Ministry Life


Leadership is vitally important in the life of a minister and successful leadership is a must.  In this lesson we will learn the difference between "I" and "Team".  We will also learn the five levels of leadership and the team life cycle.  We will also look at what a "job description" of a leader really looks like.  You are not going to want to miss the awesome things taught in this class.  Dr. Frank Hansen pastors the Freedom Fellowship Church in Wiscasset, Maine since 2011.  He has been involved in ministry most of his life, starting at the age of seventeen when he traveled  in an evangelistic music group called Higher Ground.  He has served in ministry with Teen Challenge in Okinawa, Japan.  He has ministered nationally and internationally.  He spent twenty years working in leadership development at Stauron Ministries in Topsham, Maine.  Dr. Hansen oversees nearly twenty churches in Kenya, Tanzania and is expanding into Uganda.


BOOK TO READ:  21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by Dr. John Maxwell OR Freedom to  Focus by Michael Hyatt


Revs. Mark & Claudette


CLASS #11  -  TOPIC:  Christian Living 101


In the first half of this session we will look at how to be kept completely flawless in the appearing of our Lord Jesus by understanding spirit, soul and body.  This will be revelational teaching.  In the second half we will look at discovering our authority in spiritual warfare and how the Word of God reveals to us great applicable insights that will help us walk as victorious Christians.  Revs. Mark & Claudette Babin are from northern Maine and have a deep desire to see Christians fully walking out their own destiny.  Through their speaking, ministry schools, teachings, and missions they are passionate about connecting with you and bring you to your full potential. This couple has over 30 years of ministry experience and currently serve as pastors of Celebration Center in Fort Fairfield, Maine. 


BOOK TO READ:  Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind by Bill Johnson


Dr. John Eckhardt

CLASS #12 - TOPIC:  The Authority of the Believer


Understanding the authority we have a believer in Jesus is key to successful Christian living.  In this lesson we will discover the three levels of authority, can truth be "lost", why the reformation and why the anointing.  We will also look at elders as authority figures, apostles and prophets as foundations, our priestly authority and authority versus responsibility.   Dr. John Eckhardt is a seasoned minister of the gospel and is the president and founder of Stauron Ministries in Topsham, Maine.  He has been instrumental in bringing together apostles and prophets from across the state of Maine to be united in the purposes of God for this region.  You can learn more about his ministry by visiting


BOOK TO READ:  Ruling At The Gates by Joseph Mattera OR The Believer's Authority by Kenneth Hagin

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