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Our Vision

The purpose of this non-denominational network is to provide...

to those who have a call of God on their life

and want to advance the Kingdom of God.

We believe relational authority is far more effective than positional authority.  What is meant by that is when
a relationship is built between two people there is a trust established that encourages accountability and
transparency with one with another. When someone
is assigned to you as your authority and there is no real relationship established, it hinders the free flow
of teamwork and
We believe in covering, not smothering.  We believe
in belonging to organizations,
but not in being
owned by them.
We believe in
directing people, not dominating people.
We're not here to dictate, micromanage or control the vision or ministry the Lord's given to you.  Our responsibility is to help you fulfill the vision God’s given to you by offering advice, counsel, accountability, support and resources as best as we can.  We aren’t in the real estate business so we  don’t seek to own your ministry or church property. We don’t assign our ministers to different ministries or churches either.  We believe God speaks to you directly and we are here to help you fulfill your God-given vision.
When you join KBN
it's more than receiving credentials for ministry, it's about belonging to a family
of like-minded Jesus followers who are partnering together for
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